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Does Google Duo record Video Calls? – Send Video Messages for free

Google Duo seems to be the best of all other video calling apps as with the impressive video quality it is offering. Staying in touch with your loved ones is just a tap away with this Google Duo video chat app. It can be accessed from multiple platforms to make highest quality video calls to anyone. Besides making video calls, you can chat over voice-only calls or share video messages. Does Google Duo record video calls is one of the most asked questions by its users and you will in turn get a detailed answer for the same from this article.

Google Duo recording
Google Duo recording

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Does Google Duo Record Video?

No is the simplified answer. By default, the Google Duo app comes with end-to-end encryption. All your video as well as the voice calls that you make using the Duo app are totally safe and secure. It can neither be tracked by any third-party nor Google Duo app. So you will experience more secure and private video calling from your device at any time while chatting over Duo video calling app. It will also protect your voice and video messages from hackers as with the encryption. So you are always safe on the Duo video chat app at any time from anywhere on any device.

But Wait ! Google Duo Records Video as Messages

On March 2018, Google has added a feature called capturing video or audio feature. As with this feature, you can quickly record video as messages for about 30 seconds and share it with your favourite contacts. It is a particularly useful feature when your Duo contacts haven’t picked up your video call. You can now use the Google Duo recording feature to capture your life moments instantly as video messages and share it with your friends and family. So you can easily let your favourite people know your moments as video without missing them.

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The Verdict

So you would have got a clear knowledge about Google Duo recording calls in detail right from this article. With video calls being encrypted, the Duo app ensures you will get to experience the highest-video calling in a more secure way. As it supports recording video messages, you can share it with other Duo app users to communicate and share your life moments instantly.

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