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Google Duo for BlackBerry Free Download

Google Duo for BlackBerry: Video chat apps have gained immense popularity over recent times. Amidst the huge list, Google Duo is the most known video calling app that lets anyone chat face-to-face in real-time. It has many impressive and unique features when compared with the rest of its rivals. Google Duo is primarily available for the Android and iOS platforms, and however, you can use it on the BlackBerry with Android OS also. Get crystal clear video clarity when you are in a video call with the Duo app. With Google Duo for BlackBerry, you will get the best experience of video calling now from your latest BB smartphones.

Google Duo for BlackBerry

Google Duo is a simple-to-use yet powerful video calling app that will let you easily connect with your family and friends. It is rated as the highest quality video calling app in which the video calls are of 720p HD video. Google Duo BlackBerry has made video calling more reliable and user-friendly than its rivals. Google Duo features the same similar interface on BlackBerry as the Android version, and you can simply pick a contact and get into the video call. The video calling app primarily works with a mobile phone number, and thus you can call anyone with the Duo app installed on their device.

Whenever someone calls you over the Duo app, you will be able to see the live preview of the caller on your BB device. With the Knock Knock feature, you can see who is calling you just before answering. Use the video messaging feature of the Google Duo BlackBerry app to capture your moments and share them with anyone who missed your video call. When you can’t chat over a video call, then you can make voice-only calls to your friends and family at any time. You can use the Duo app to leave a voice or video message of about 30 seconds long for the contacts who aren’t available.

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How to Download Google Duo for BlackBerry

Although the Duo app isn’t officially made available for the BlackBerry OS, some of the latest models support accessing the apk version of an Android app. Despite this, the devices with older versions have to follow an alternative way to use Google Duo on BlackBerry. On following the section below, you will get to know about the steps to download the Duo app for both models.

Download Google Duo on BlackBerry – Android OS

Certain BlackBerry devices that are released in recent times have the support for accessing the Android apps. If you own a BlackBerry Keyone, BlackBerry Motion, BlackBerry Evolve, BlackBerry Key 2, BlackBerry Key 2 LE, BlackBerry DTEK50, then you can follow the steps given below to get Google Duo for BlackBerry.

Step 1: On your BlackBerry device, you must click on the Menu option to see the list of apps installed on your device.

Step 2: Now, you must click on the Google Play Store logo to search for the Google Duo Apk.

Step 3: You should then click on the Google Duo app logo from the search result.

Step 4: Just click on the Install button from the app information screen to start downloading the Google Duo for Blackberry phone.

Duo App Information Screen
Duo App Information Screen

Step 5: When Google Duo gets downloaded, you must further click on the Install button to start its installation on your BlackBerry.

Click on Install
Click on Install

Step 6: You have to click on the Open button to use the Google Duo app once after its installation to use it on your BB device.

Click on Open
Click on Open

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Google Duo is also available for

Google Duo for BlackBerry – BlackBerry OS

There are certain BlackBerry models that don’t support accessing the Android apps like Google Duo app. When in such a case, you have can opt for apps similar to Google Duo to communicate with others over a video call.

Alternatives for Google Duo

The best of Google Duo alternatives for BlackBerry OS is given below and you can download any of them.

1. Viber


Viber is the most popular video calling app that lets you connect with the world over video calls. You can make free video calls in HD quality. It requires your mobile phone number and you can call to non-Viber app users and landlines at low call rates. You can also share messages, videos, voice messages, photos, stickers, and more using the Viber app.

2. WhatsUp


WhatsUp is yet another Google Duo alternative for BlackBerry device that supports making video calls. With a valid phone number, you can call your friends for a free chat over in HD quality. You can also use WhatsUp to share messages, photos, videos, documents, etc.

You can download either of the apps to never miss any moments of your loved ones when in the absence of Google Duo on your BlackBerry.

We hope the article has given relevant information about Google Duo for BlackBerry. Comment us if you have any doubts about the same and let us resolve it.

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