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Google Duo for Chromebook – How to use Google Duo on Chrome OS

Chatting features are improvising every now and then, and out of which the video calling option is the most widely used feature. Google Duo is the real video chat app that has been developed ultimately for video calling. With the highest video calling rates, it has been the choice of millions. You can choose Google Duo for Chromebook to make high-quality calls from your desktop. Google Duo is a free-to-use video chat app that can be used with the internet to connect with friends, family, and anyone more in real-time.

Google Duo for Chromebook
Google Duo for Chromebook

Communicating over face-to-face is so much reliable without spending some bucks with the Google Duo Chromebook app. You can place video calls to anyone in your contact to chat without any time limit. Chat over voice calls whenever you can’t connect with your friends over a video call. In another way, you can even record the moments as a video can share with your people. Google Duo for Chromebook even supports sharing video or voice messages with others, including the non-Google Duo app users too.

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How to Install Google Duo on Chromebook

Installing Google Duo for Chromebook is so much simple. However, there are certain Chromebooks that support installing Duo from the Play Store. Few others don’t support downloading Duo video calling app, and thus you have to go with an alternative method. You will get guidelines for both from below.

Steps to Install Google Duo on Chromebook using Play Store.

Step 1: You have to update your Chromebook initially to get access to the Google Play Store apps.

Step 2: Click on the account icon that is present on the bottom right corner on your Chromebook.

Step 3: Now, you should click on the Settings or the three-lined icon from the top-left.

Step 4: You have to click on the Google Play Store option from the list. When you don’t see the option, then follow the alternative method given below.

Step 5: Play Store will show you the option to Enable Google Play Store on Chrome OS. Click on it and enable it.

Click on Enable Google Play Store
Click on Enable Google Play Store

Step 6: Select the More option and click on I Agree to agree with the terms of service.

Step 7: Open the Play Store app and search for the Google Duo app.

Step 8: Tap on the Install option from the Google Duo app information screen.

Step 9: Wait for Google Duo to complete its installation. Click on the Open button to use it on your Chromebook.

With this, you can use Google Duo Chromebook to make video calls to anyone at any time.

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Try the Alternative

When your Chromebook has no access to Google Play Store, then this method will work for you. You can install the Google Duo on Chromebook easily with the help of ARC Welder. Get to know the steps to install it from below.

Step 1: Open the web browser on your Chromebook and download the latest version of the Google Duo apk from any third-party website.

Step 2: Go to the Apps section on your Chrome Browser to open the ARC Welder. Alternatively, you can open the Chrome Web Store to download ARC Welder.

Step 3: Click on Add to Chrome option and wait for the downloading process of the ARC Welder to finish on your Chromebook.

Click Add to Chrome
Click Add to Chrome

Step 4: Click on the Open button and open the ARC Welder app on your Chromebook. Else go to the Apps section, and you will see ARS Welder.

ARC Welder
ARC Welder

Step 5: You have to click on the Add your Apk option to add the Google Duo apk file to the ARC Welder.

Add Google Duo Apk
Add Google Duo Apk

Step 6: You have to click on the Test button to let it complete the installation of the Google Duo apk.

Step 7: With this, the Google Duo app will be loaded on your Chromebook and make high-quality video and voice calls to anyone

We hope you have gathered useful information about Google Duo for Chromebook right from this article. For any queries regarding the same, you can comment below.

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