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Google Duo for iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad) Free Download

Gone are the days when people highly used messaging features to chat with others. Video calling apps have entirely changed the way we communicate with our favourite people. Amongst the huge list, we found Google Duo as a highly reliable video chat app. Being a cross-platform app, you can download Google Duo for iOS to make high-quality video calls to anyone. It is the best video chat app that has gained immense popularity with the quality of the call it is offering to its users. Chat over face-to-face without any interruption in a crystal clear quality. You can get Google Duo for iPhone and iPad as it supports both iOS devices without any compatibility issues.

Gogole Duo for iOS

You can get connected with your friends or family despite the distance and time in real-time if you have Google Duo on iOS. Google Duo for iPad works with a phone number, you can just pick a contact and jump right in to stay connected with them with an all-in-one tap. Whether you have Wifi or data, Duo works well and lets you experience high-quality calls. Whenever someone calls you using the Google Duo iPad app, you will be able to see the live preview of the caller as with the Knock Knock feature. So you can easily find who is calling you just before picking up the call. It is one of the most unique features of the Google Duo iOS app that is absent in most of its rivals. Duo supports blocking unknown contacts and thus you can stay away from anonymous callers.

Sharing your moments or getting connected with the moments of others has been made simpler than ever as with the Duo video calls. When you feel the voice is just enough or have low internet, you can chat over voice calls. Google Duo for iPhone works the best even if you aren’t able to make video calls to your favourite people. Besides this, you can share a video message with anyone whenever they haven’t picked up your video call. So you can share your moments by capturing it as a video message. You can even share voice or video messages for 30 seconds long to share yourself whenever your recipient is unavailable. Google Duo for iPad is entirely end-to-end encrypted and thus all your chats and calls are safe from others.

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Specifications of Google Duo for iOS

Given here are the list of Google Duo iOS app specifications.

File Name: Google Duo
Developer: Google LLC
Release Date: 16 August 2016
Category: Video Calling
Supported OS: iOS
License: Freeware

How to Download Google Duo for iOS – iPhone/ iPad

As Google Duo for iPhone and iPad is available officially on the App Store, getting it isn’t that complex. With the straightforward steps, you can easily download Google Duo iOS. If you are searching for the right guidelines to get it for your iOS device, then take a look at the steps given below.

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, you have to click on the logo of the App Store.

Click on App Store
Click on App Store

Step 2: When the App Store opens up on your iOS, you have to go to the search bar to type in as Google Duo. Click on the search icon.

Type Google Duo
Type Google Duo

Step 3: In most cases, the search result begins to appear when you type. Else click on the logo of the Google Duo iPhone app from the search result shown.

Step 4: Now, you will be taken to the app information screen in the App Store. You have to click on the Cloud icon or the Get option.

Google Duo iPhone Download
Google Duo iPhone Download

Step 5: Just wait for the Google Duo app on the iPad or iPhone to complete its downloading process and the Cloud icon changes to the open button.

Step 6: You should now click on the Open button to open the Duo app on your iPhone.

Step 7: Just click on the Accept button and accept the permissions to further proceed with the installation of Duo on iOS. With this, you will be redirected to the Google Duo app’s home screen.

You have successfully completed the steps to download and install Google Duo for iOS.

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Google Duo is also available for

How to use Google Duo iOS App

When you have downloaded the Google Duo iPad or iPhone, you can start using it. If you are new to the Duo app, then the section below would guide you.

Step 1: Initially, you have to open the Google Duo iOS app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: If you are a new user of Google Duo, then you should first provide your phone number to create an account. Tap on the Agree option.

Enter Phone Number
Enter Phone Number

Step 3: Now a one-time verification code will be sent to the mobile number which you have previously entered. You have to copy the verification code to enter on the next screen.

Enter Verification Code
Enter Verification Code

Step 4: To make a video call, you have to tap on the video call icon and choose a contact from the list.

Step 5: By clicking on the audio call option, Duo would let you make a voice-only call to other Duo app users.

Step 6: Just by clicking on the red icon, you will end the voice or video call on the Google Duo iPhone app.

The article has covered overall information about Google Duo for iOS and we hope it is useful to you. In case of any questions or queries, you shall comment on us.

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