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Download Google Duo for Jio Phone – Make Free Video Calling

Google Duo for Jio Phone: Besides getting unlimited internet, you can now use Jio phone to communicate with others over a video call. With the Google Duo for Jio Phone, you can easily chat with your friends and family at any time with ease. Although the Duo app isn’t officially released for the Jio phone, you can still use it to instantly get connected with your friends and family. Google Duo needs an internet connection and with this, you can place video calls and chat over face-to-face without paying. As the Duo app has been optimized to work on low-bandwidth networks, you will find no difficulties while using it from the Jio phone.

Google Duo for Jio Phone
Google Duo for Jio Phone

The only thing with which the Google Duo lags behind is the quality of the video call. It is so as the Jio Phone has very low camera quality and thus you may find low-quality video calling experience. Other than this, Google Duo will have no issues when it is accessed from the Jio phone. Apart from making video calls, you can make voice calls to your contacts who are using Google Duo Jio Phone app. You can let enjoy high-quality audio calls to anyone when you wanted to chat over voice-only calls as with the Duo app download for Jio phone.

Google Duo for Jio Phone has a simple-to-use interface and you can make calls to anyone with one click. Chat for an unlimited time without any limits from anywhere with anyone on the go instantly. Without the Google Duo app, the video calling feature wouldn’t be this reliable on the Jio phone. Aside from making video calls, you can use the Duo app to share anything as a video message. All the calls and messages made with the help of the Google Duo app are end-to-end encrypted and thus it cannot be accessed by any third parties.

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Steps to Download Google Duo for Jio Phone

Although the Google Duo app hasn’t been released for the Jio phone officially, you can still use it in an alternative way. With the help of the Play Store, you will be able to easily install and access Google Duo to make video calls to anyone anywhere with ease. If you are looking for the guidelines on how to install Google Duo for Jio Phone, then you can follow the section below.

Step 1: Initially, you have to open the web browser on the Jio phone from the Menu section.

Step 2: You have to type in the address bar of the browser as Google Duo and click on the search bar.

Step 3: Open the official web page of Google Duo from the search result

Step 4: Click on Try Duo on Web and you will be directed to the web version of the Google Duo app.

Step 5: Provide your log in credentials like your maid id, phone number to start using Google Duo on Jio Phone.:

Google Duo
Google Duo

With this, you can use Google Duo on Jio Phone to make video calls to chat and communicate with anyone at any time.

Note: We are not sure to what extent downloading Google Duo for Jio phone using this method works. It may be the possible method as of now.

We hope the information discussed about Google Duo for Jio Phone is useful to you. For any queries, you can comment below.

Google Duo also works on Blackberry, Linux, iPad

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