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How to fix Google Duo Not Working issues (Possible Solutions)

Google Duo is undoubtedly the best video calling app to chat in real-time with anyone at any time. It works out of the box as it is optimized for low bandwidth networks and thereby lets you chat with your favourite people. It is a video chat app that is known for the highest quality video calls. In other words, it has made video calling more reliable than ever. You will be able to experience the crystal clear audio as well as video with the Google Duo application. Like any other apps, Google Duo would at times put you in trouble at the rarest case and you may face issues while using it. However, it is mandatory to fix the possible Google Duo not working issues as to further use the app.

Without fixing the Google Duo not working issue, you cannot use it not only to make video calls, but also the audio calls. When in such a case, you will have to further miss any of the important moments of your friends and family. You will not be able to capture and share video messages as well. So, one must get rid of the Google Duo not working issue as to access all its features irrespective of the platform you are using it. Apart from the common problems, Google Duo will fail to work due to the sound or video issues or it would even crash at times. You can follow the article to fix such issues with ease.

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Google Duo Not Working – Possible Fixes

Fix 1: Start Duo App Again

When you face Duo not working issue, then close the Google Duo app. You should even close the minimize screen. Now, re-open the Duo video calling app to make video calls.

Fix 2: Check your Internet Connection

One most widely faced Google Duo not working issue is caused by the internet. Whether you are using Google Duo on Android, iOS, or desktop, it is important to have an active internet connection. Make sure your data or WiFi in on.

Check Internet Connection
Check Internet Connection

Fix 3: Connect to WiFi

You can even try connecting your device to the WiFi networkinstead of the mobile data. With this, you can chat over high-quality video calls without any interruptions at any time. It may fix the Google Duo not working issue.

Fix 4: Update Google Duo App

Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Duo on your device. Sometimes the older version would be the cause of Google Duo not working pop-up. Go to the Play Store/App Store to check if Duo has any new update. If there is an update, you have to install the update and it would fix up the issue.

Click Update
Click Update

Fix 5: Restart the Google Duo App

If Google Duo fails to work even after the good internet connection, then try restarting the app. On your Android device, go to Settings > Apps > Duo > click on Force Stop option. Now open the Duo app again.

Click Force Stop
Click Force Stop

Like wise on your iOS device, you have to double tap the home button and swipe up on the Duo app. Now re-open Duo app to check if it works.

On desktop PC, go to Settings > under Google Play Store > select Google Play Store > choose Manage Android preferences > select Apps > click on Duo > choose Force stop. You can now re-open Google Duo app.

Fix 6: Clear Google Duo Cache

Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Duo > click Clear Cache option. Now uninstall Duo and and reinstall it from the App Store for your device. With this, you may use Duo app without any problem.

Fix 7: Restart your Device

When any of the fixes doesn’t fix Google not Working issue, then you can simply restart your device. It will most probably fix any issues and you can use Duo app to chat for an unlimited time.

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Google Duo Not Working Due to Video/Sound issue

At times, Google Duo will fail to work due to the video or audio call issues and to fix it up, you must follow the steps.

  • Check the camera and microphone are not blocked physically on your device.
  • Keep the camera and microphone are in right position.
  • Check for WiFi or mobile data and ensure your device is connected to it.
  • Ensure your device has better battery level else charge your device.
  • Try restarting your device and use Duo.
  • You can even restart your device to try again with the call.

Any of the above fixes will help you resolve Google Duo not Working issue in the better way possible. In case of any queries, you can comment below.

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