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How to use Google Duo on Web (Make calls from your Browser)

Duo is one of the best communication apps from Google that has gained immense popularity within a short span of time. It was initially released for the Android and the iOS devices to let the users make the highest quality video calls to anyone from their handhelds. Google Duo has made video calling much simpler and affordable to everyone as it all requires is an internet connection. So you need not spend your money to communicate with your favourite people as long as you have Google Duo application. As to make it accessible on multiple platforms, Google has launched the web version of theDuo app. With Google Duo web version, anyone can access its features without needing to download the native app.

Google Duo Web
Google Duo Web

The web version of Google Duo app features the same similar interface and you can use it with ease. Just with your Google account, you can access the Google Duo for web version from your desktop platform. It even supports the live preview feature and thus you will be able to see who is calling you now from your desktop. By following the simple-to-set up procedure, you can make voice or video calls for an unlimited time from the Google Duo web version just like the native app. The web version of the Duo app is an added advantage as it doesn’t occupy much of your device space. So you can make calls instantly to anyone and chat over face-to-face. Just like the Duo app, you can even search contacts as name or number in the Google Duo web version.

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How to Set Up Google Duo for Web

You have to initially set up the Duo web version as to use it from the browser. Given here are the steps to set up Google Duo for Web and you can follow the section below to access the browser-based Duo app to make high-quality calls.

Step 1: You have to open the web version of Google Duo app on your desktop.

Step 2 (a): On the next screen, you have to click on I’m new to Duo if you have never used Duo app earlier.

Click I'm new to Duo
Click I’m new to Duo

Step 2 (b): If you have a Google account, then click on I already use Duo option.

Step 3 (a): As you are a new user, you have to create a Google account or use the existing account.

Step 3 (b): You have to click on the Set up Duo as a new user option to enter a different Google account or click on I’ve added my account option to continue with the Google account that is sync on your device.

Click I've added my account
Click I’ve added my account

Step 4: On the next screen, you have to click to enter your phone number that you have linked with the Google Duo app.

Enter your Phone Number
Enter your Phone Number

Step 5: You have to click on the Next button as to verify your phone number.

Step 6: Now a verification code will be sent to the phone number you have entered and you have to type in the Google Duo web version.

Step 7: You have to click on the Understood button as to receive calls on the browser using the Google Duo web version.

Click Understood
Click Understood

Step 8: A pop-up will appear and you have to click on the Allow option to let the Duo app show you the notifications.

Click Allow
Click Allow

Step 9: With this, the home screen of the Google Duo will be shown on the web where you will find your Google contacts or you can use the search bar to find people or contacts.

Google Duo Web
Google Duo Web

Step 10: Click on any contact to choose to make video or voice call using the Google Duo web version. You have to click on theAllow option to grant permission to the Duo app to use your microphone and camera.

Step 11: Just click on Video call or Voice call option to chat with your favourite people over Google Duo web version.

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Click Video call or Voice call
Click Video call or Voice call

Step 12: If you have enabled Knock Knock feature, then you may see the live preview of the caller. Go to Google Duo Settings to disable Knock Knock feature.

Step 13: To remove Google Account, go to Duo Settings > Account > click on Remove Google Account to Delete Duo account.

That’s it and thus you have successfully done with steps to set up Google Duo for Web.

We hope the article has covered all the information about Google Duo for Web in a detailed manner. If you have any doubts, you can comment below.

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