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Is Google Duo Safe? Check out How secure the Google Duo Is?

Google has never failed to amaze us and that is true when it comes to video-focused chat app called Duo. It has been the top choice soon after its launch as it has made video calling more reliable when compared to its rivals. Google Duo is a standalone app that can be used for making one-on-one video calling to anyone any time. Staying in touch with your favourite people is no more a complicated task as long as you have Google Duo. It is the simple video calling app that features easy user interface and with one tap, you can connect over video call. You are absolutely safe as Duo app lets you see who is calling as with the live preview. If you have a further question, Is Google Duo safe or not, then this article would let you know about it.

What is Google Duo?

Google Duo is rated as the highest quality video chat app with which you can share your real-life moments with anyone. Just by providing your phone number, you can create an account with Google Duo. It will sync with your contact list and you can choose any contact using Duo app to make video calls. You can see who is calling you as live preview with the Knock Knock feature. Duo calls are 720p HD video quality and it is optimized for low bandwidth devices. With Duo app, you can make voice-only calls if you can’t chat over video calls or share video messages by capturing your moments.

Is Google Duo Safe
Is Google Duo Safe

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Is Google Duo Safe?

Yes, Google Duo app is absolutely safe to use on your device. It has been the choice of several millions of users as with its video calling quality. As Google Duo is available officially on the app stores, it is free from virus, malware, and thus you can use it safely on your Android, iOS, and even in the web version. Even the Duo web version is safe as it don’t collect any of your personal details excluding the phone number.

Google Duo video calls are safe and private as they are end-to-end encrypted. No one including Google can trace your calls and what you are conversing as with the encryption. Only those who have your number in their contact list can make video calls or share messages over Duo app. As it doesn’t collect any of your personal information, it ensures, all your data are safe from hackers.

Is Google Duo Safe
Is Google Duo Safe

End-to-end encryption is enabled by default and you will let experience an ultimate privacy when it comes to chatting over Duo video calls. Besides this, then Knock Knock feature is an added advantage to Google Duo. With the live preview, you can see who is calling you in real-time just before picking up the video call. So you don’t have to feel insecure when someone unknown calls you. Duo has an option to block unknown numbers and thus it is offering you with an extra level of security.

The Verdict

Google Duo is one of the most safe and secured video chat app to connect with family, friends, and anyone. You can chat over video or voice calls at any time without facing any security vulnerabilities. Whether you are using the Duo app or Duo Web, it is undoubtedly the safest video calling app to use as with highest level of encryption.

Google Duo is available for Blackberry, Android TV, Ubuntu

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